Monday, May 30, 2011

More from Heraklion, Crete



Greek Orthodox Church

Relic that holds St. Titus' skull.


Center of Heraklion

Room Service

The morning began with walking through the city to the Historical Museum of Crete. It was nice not to ride on a bus, although the drive time does give us extra time to wake up. This museum had four floors and the building used to be a mansion. I'm in love with the white marble floors which are very common in Greece! Each room of the museum was dedicated to a different time period and it was nice because it wasn't too crowded. On the way to our next museum, we stopped at a place called Loggia. This was an ancient club that Venetian nobles used to hang out in. Honestly it wasn't that fascinating, but I'm telling you this because while we were there a pigeon pooped on Austin's head. At first he seemed kind of mad and threw his orange peel up at the pigeon, but he was washed off and good to go in no time. He looked at me and said, "Hey Elizabeth now I'm literally a shit head!" Needless to say I'm just glad it was Austin instead of one of the girls. Our next stop was to try the Bougatsa here in Heraklion. There is a competition between Chania and Heraklion to see who makes the best Bougatsa. Chania's was pretty yucky because it was bitter cheese cooked inside fillo dough. The one here tasted like a cinnamon role because it was filled with sweet cream instead of cheese. I will say it was more sugar than I normally eat. When we arrived at our next museum we were told it did not open until 1:30. To fill up time we ate lunch and then had some free time to shop around. Lunch was ordinary and once again Mary Louise and I didn't buy anything. We tried on some clothes at Zara but for some reason they just weren't fitting right. Most of the other stores were pretty cheapo. We showed back up at the Archaeological Museum of the Minoans only to find that it was very crowded. Dr. Levine talked in extreme detail about each and every single thing that we saw. The funny thing is this museum only has a few things in it because the main one is being remodeled. Our definition of a few things is much different than those of our teachers. This museum was our last site for the day and Mary Louise and I went back to the hotel to finish our site reports. It really took all afternoon and evening, but we managed to watch a couple episodes of Desperate Housewives and even order room service. This is the only hotel that we are staying in that offers room service probably. I didn't want to go to dinner in town because the waiters think we want to sit there for hours and they never bring us the check! It always seems to be an ordeal. I'm exhausted but I'm also really glad that I finished my second and final site report. I'm really not even sure what we are doing tomorrow but I know I was told to pack my swimsuit. My teacher calls them "swimming togs." We love to make fun of that. Tomorrow is our last day in Crete. We will ride on an over night ferry boat back to the main land and then take a bus to Delphi. 

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